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Facing Disputes? Call Our Firm!

Sacramento Business & Estate Planning Mediation Attorney

Mediation can be a very beneficial resource when faced with personal or professional dilemmas. Whether faced with a contested will or business dispute, mediation is often a valuable asset for parties at odds with one another that need to reach a resolution. At The Woodbury Law Office, our Sacramento business mediation attorney serves to find common ground between disputing parties to find agreeable solutions.

Our firm is committed to finding common ground upon which to resolve disputes in the business world and during estate planning proceedings. Attorney Woodbury is experienced in business and estate planning law so she is perfectly positioned to offer high-quality advice not matter what your mediation needs are. We make your goals our goals and provide you with t he legal counsel to settle your disputes and move forward with your life.

When is estate planning mediation needed?

Mediators are necessary in estate planning when estates are very large, when there is a high probability of conflict of interest during the estate planning process, or when family situations are especially complicated.

Difficult family situations which may necessitate a mediator can include:

  • A mentally or physically handicapped child
  • Divorce and multiple marriages
  • Inherited or other separate property
  • A child who is caring for a parent
  • Closely held business as a family asset
  • Different ideas and wishes related to charitable endeavors

Mediators can help family members and their attorneys find and resolve any hidden issues which can speed up the estate planning process.

Ending Business Disputes via Mediation

When it comes to business disputes, mediators look to help parties come to a shared understanding of the conflict and work towards establishing a durable resolution. Mediation generally happens before any lawsuit is filed, although it can take place if needed.

Business dispute mediation usually takes place in two different ways. Evaluative mediation has the mediator evaluate the pros and cons of either side’s positions and has elements of an advisor. Transformative mediation works to resolve conflict by opening channels for communication between the parties.

Mediation tries to identify problems and find solutions rather than litigation which settles the dispute in favor of the party with the strongest legal argument.

For you to obtain the most favorable result you need a skilled estate planning attorney who can keep you informed of your rights during any sort of mediation. At The Woodbury Law Office, we protect our client’s interests at all times by keep them apprised of the law and how best to proceed with mediation.

Contact us and begin mediation with a dedicated legal professional on your side!

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