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Meet Janell Woodbury

I love Estate Planning:

I absolutely love my job as an Estate Planning attorney. My job is to create an efficient estate plan that will serve you and your loved ones well. I try to drop the "legal jargon" when you walk through my door, and my number one priority is to work with you to create an estate plan that is going to fulfill your wishes in the case of death or incapacity. I know my family is the most important thing to me in my life, so I'd like to help you rest assured that you and your loved ones will be taken care of if the unspeakable happens. Since the only things guaranteed in this life are death and taxes, I often try to lighten the mood during this daunting task and take the pressure off of you as I guide you through the process.

Facing the Nitty Gritty of Trust Administration:

Let's face it, being a trustee is hard. There are so many tasks to complete, legal requirements to comply with, and people to make happy. I am an experienced trust administration attorney and I'm always up for the challenge of navigating the troubling waters of trust administration. My goal is to help you through the tedious trust administration process, ensure you don't accidentally violate your Trustee responsibilities, and promote family unity during trust administration.

Business Formation and Acquisition:

As a small business owner of three businesses, I have over a decade of experience as a small business owner, I am here to help you with your business needs. I have an undergraduate degree in business and I love advising my clients regarding the business formation process, warning of the pitfalls to avoid during this process, and helping people grow their businesses. I can guide you through the overwhelming process of negotiating with business partners, purchasing an established business or selling your business. Let me help you feel secure in your business decisions and I'll even attempt a little humor to take the edge off as we leave the "legal jargon" at the door, and get down to business.

Serving Clients in Sacramento and Other Areas

If you are considering implementing an estate plan or currently dealing with a will or trust issue, look no further than The Woodbury Law Office. Sacramento estate planning attorney Janell Woodbury has also served clients throughout Sacramento and other surrounding areas in Northern California. We are proud advocates for our clients and can provide effective legal counsel for any type of estate planning matter. We look forward to helping you plan for a bright and successful future!

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