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Trust Administration

Sacramento Estate Planning Attorney

Though it is ideal to think that most estates are distributed and administered without issues, there are circumstances where a dilemma may arise. If you would like guidance as you administer a trust or if you are a new trustee and need help during the trust administration process, The Woodbury Law Office can help.

The trust administration process typically includes the following basic steps:

  • Once a trustor (the person who creates a trust) passes away, a named trustee must administer the trust in the way the trustor has specifically detailed.
  • The trustee must notify all heirs and beneficiaries of the trust within 60 days of the death.
  • Potential recipients will have up to 120 days to file a trust contest. If no contest is filed, the trust can be administered.
  • The trustee will be responsible for handling all real property to be distributed as part of the trust administration process.
  • The trustee must collect all other assets, including debts and taxes.
  • The trustee must keep detailed accounts of all financial affairs pertaining to the trust.
  • The trustee must determine all beneficiaries and then distribute all assets.

We understand that losing a loved one can be incredibly difficult. Dealing with the headache of a complex legal process is probably the last thing that you want at this time.

With Janell Woodbury at The Woodbury Law Office at your side counseling you every step of the way, you can make informed and empowered decisions for the future. We are ready to help guide you through the trust administration process.

Call The Woodbury Law Office to speak with Attorney Janell Woodbury of The Woodbury Law Office. As a skilled Sacramento trust attorney, she would be happy to meet with you confidentially to discuss the specific nature of your trust administration questions.

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