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Need to Form a Will?

Work with a Sacramento estate planning lawyer!

When a person passes away without leaving a will, the state will decide how their property and assets will be divided. Such situations can cause division and tension as spouses, children and grandchildren fight for their part in an inheritance. By establishing a will, you can pass your funds to the proper beneficiaries with no conflict. The Sacramento estate planning attorney at our firm offers personalized legal counsel and can help you draw up an optimal plan for any situation.

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Rest assured that your future is in good hands when you enlist the aid of Janell Woodbury, our lawyer at The Woodbury Law Office. You can expect a high-quality estate plan tailored to your goals and needs. Our attorney can use her extensive knowledge of the law to protect your rights and preserve your estate. Contact our Sacramento office to work retain client-oriented legal guidance suited to your needs.

Functions of a Stand-Alone Will

Preparing a stand-alone will is, historically, one of the most common forms of estate planning. Preparing an iron-clad will can grant you peace of mind by ensuring that your assets pass down to your chosen beneficiaries. Unfortunately, if you elect to use a stand-alone will instead of or without a trust, your estate will have to go through probate.

Our estate planning lawyer can help you write a stand-alone will that does the following:

  • Designates an executor to go through probate and carry out the terms of your will
  • Leaves your property to the individuals you choose
  • Leaves your property to an organization such as a non-profit

Bear in mind that probate may reduce your funds or affect some aspects of distribution. Depending on your circumstances, a combination of a will and a trust may be a more efficient means of protecting your interests regarding your funds and property.

Manage Your Assets with a Pour-Over Will

A pour-over will is established with all trusts, and serves as a catchall for any assets accidentally left out of the trust. While any property not under a trust must go through probate, a skilled attorney can help you maximize the reach of a trust and minimize the amount of funds that pour over into your will. Contact The Woodbury Law Office to work with an attorney who is qualified to lead you through the estate planning process.

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Work with the careful guidance of an estate planning lawyer to ensure that you leave your property with no loopholes or loose ends. The Woodbury Law Office has assisted individuals with a variety of estate planning needs, including will preparation, and can help you draft a customized and thorough will. If you live in Sacramento County or surrounding areas, our office is ready and willing to guide you through the estate planning process.

Contact our Sacramento estate planning lawyer for the quality legal representation you need.

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