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Ten Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Many misconceptions exist regarding estate plans, but having a solid understanding of what they are and how they can benefit you could make a considerable difference for your family and loved ones ...
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What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning deals with ensuring the property and health care of individuals is respected and prepared for beforehand. Estate plans have the power to resolve legal issues which come about when a ...
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Estate Planning When You're Married to a Noncitizen

Estate planning when your spouse is a noncitizen can be tricky but in general, you can proceed as if they were full citizens. Regardless of your spouse’s status, both partners ought to make ...
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Estate Planning & Your Blended Family

Second marriages can present a unique set of obstacles when it comes to estate planning. You and your new spouse could have children from a previous marriage and children with each other and you will ...
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What the 2015 Estate, Gift, & GST Tax Update Could Mean for Your Estate Plan

Estate and gift taxes can have a rather large impact on your assets, which ultimately have an impact on your estate plan. If you currently have an estate plan, then you're one step ahead of the ...
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2015 New Year's Resolution: Create or Update Your Estate Plan

The holidays are officially over and with the arrival of a new year, you've been given a blank slate to achieve exciting goals and resolutions. Whatever you hope to accomplish in 2015, it is never ...
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Basics of Estate Planning

The term estate planning can be misleading. Many people may not feel as though they have enough property to warrant it being referred to as an estate or that the value of their property is too little ...
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Little or No Property? A Will is Still a Good Idea

When is it important to have a will ? Does it make sense for someone with very little possessions to make a will? The answer to that question depends upon whether or not the person is comfortable with ...
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How Practical Estate Planning Can Help

Planning for death can be a scary and daunting task. When thinking about what may happen after a person passes away, many people will think of wills and other estate planning documents. However, basic ...
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